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Safety violation might have caused driver's death at Pier 48

An unexplained death occurred recently at a facility along the Ohio River at which cargo is loaded and received. It is not yet clear whether a safety violation caused the fatality, but an investigation to determine the circumstances that led to the worker's death was initiated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is currently regarded an industrial accident, and investigated as such.

OSHA to determine whether safety violation caused worker's death

Employees at recycling facilities face numerous hazards at their places of work. Business owners must protect the health and safety of employees, and many workers die each year because their employers fail to protect them from the working parts of equipment. Such a safety violation might have led to the recent death of an Ohio employee of an Akron-based recycling facility.

Safety violation: Worker dies after 3rd trench collapse incident

Working in trenches can be life-threatening. Despite clear safety guidelines and regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the number of fatalities in nationwide trench collapses so far this year is more than double that of last year. It is rare for a person to survive a trench collapse, and even only one safety violation can lead to death.

Safety violation might have caused death of rail yard worker

Workers in rail yards face a different set of hazards than those in factories and on construction sites. The biggest danger is the activity of trains and the hazards they pose. A tragic accident recently claimed the life of a worker in an Ohio rail yard, and it is not yet clear whether any safety violation played a part.

Safety violation: Workers unprotected on 60-foot high structure

The leading cause of death in the construction industry is falling, which is said to account for almost 40 percent of fatalities in workplace accidents. While construction company owners are aware of this fact, it is incomprehensible that the failure to provide fall protection is a safety violation committed by so many of them. In July, employees of a contracting construction company were found to be working unprotected, 60-feet high on a steel structure in Ohio.

Safety violation: Son witnesses father's 50-foot fall to death

Tree trimmers in Ohio and other states are typically exposed to multiple life-threatening situations while doing their jobs. Owners of tree-trimming businesses are responsible for the safety of their employees. One safety violation that is unacceptable is the failure to provide fall protection to workers who work at heights -- often on platforms or in buckets of cherry pickers or other elevation equipment. A workplace accident in a neighboring state recently claimed the life of a tree trimmer.

Safety violation may have caused crane inspector's fatal fall

A 62-year-old Ohio grandfather of six and father of four tragically died in a workplace accident on a recent Friday. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation that will likely focus on the company's compliance with regulations and will try to determine whether a safety violation contributed to this fatality. The incident apparently occurred on the premises of the Whirlpool plant in Marion County.

Road worker's death might have been caused by a safety violation

Workers in construction zones on Ohio roads are exposed to multiple hazards on a daily basis. Construction company owners have a massive responsibility in providing adequate training to teach workers about the risks and the precautions to prevent injuries. The slightest safety violation can have devastating consequences.

Safety violation may have caused fatal rail yard accident

Ground workers at railroad transportation companies nationwide, including here in Ohio, face multiple dangerous situations on a daily basis. Business owners must assess workplaces for potential hazards, and this includes regular maintenance on equipment to prevent malfunctions that can cause severe or fatal injuries. One worker's death at a rail yard in another state is under investigation to determine whether a safety violation occurred.

Possible safety violation: Newly married dad-to-be killed at work

Because of the inherent dangers present in most Ohio workplaces, company owners must assess facilities and address all known hazards. Committing even one safety violation can cost the life of an employee. In a tragic workplace accident last month in another state, a man who was awaiting the birth of his first child lost his life.

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