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Marijuana combined with machinery can bring permanent impairment

Although it is legal to use medical marijuana in Ohio, some business owners are serious about maintaining drug-free workplaces. The executive vice president of a company that does metal stamping is adamant that workers who operate the complicated, heavy machinery at his facility need to be clear-headed at all times. He says it is precision work, and the slightest error can lead to permanent impairment.

Mother protests safety violation that caused her son's death

The family of a 23-year-old worker who died at the plant of an Ohio plastics manufacturer on July 20, 2016, is protesting his death, urging stricter safety regulations. Although the family believes a safety violation caused their loved one's death, they are unable to do anything about it. State law prevent them from holding the employer responsible unless it can be shown the employer acted intentionally or was grossly negligent.

Even 1 safety violation can have devastating consequences

Long hours, heavy machinery and a variety of power tools make the construction industry extremely dangerous. Every safety violation can lead to a fatal workplace accident. Not all Ohio employers in this industry prioritize the health and safety of employees, and it is often up to workers to look out for themselves.

Safety violation might have led to worker being buried in trench

Construction companies in Ohio and all other states must take specific precautions to protect workers who have to enter trenches or other excavations. The slightest safety violation could result in a fatality, and a trench can become a grave in the blink of an eye. When a trench wall collapses, anybody who is in the excavation at that time can instantly be buried under tons of dirt.

Unsafe tire dealerships could spawn permanent impairment

Employees of tire dealerships in Ohio and other states face a unique set of hazards. Along with the normal risks that are present in any workplace and typically managed with good maintenance, come these industry-specific dangers that might lead to permanent impairment or worse. Injury data collected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and authorities in the tire industry provided information about the major hazards and allowed authorities to create safety regulations to prevent injuries.

Safety violation: Miraculous rescue from collapsed trench

Unprotected trenches are potential graves for workers of employers who disregard employee safety. Unfortunately, this is a safety violation that has claimed the lives of many workers nationwide, including in Ohio. In a miraculous rescue, a worker was recently saved from a collapsed trench in a neighboring state.

Safety violation: 1 hospitalized after crane topples over

Large construction equipment, such as cranes, poses multiple hazards to all employees and others in the surrounding area in Ohio and wherever they are operated. Even with the most accomplished operator, the slightest safety violation can have devastating consequences. When a crane recently toppled over in another state, it was surprising that there were no fatalities. In fact, only one worker landed in the hospital, and another required no more than on-site medical treatment.

OSHA to determine whether safety violation causes scaffold fall

Scaffold structures on construction sites in Ohio and other states must comply with strict federal safety regulations. Even the slightest safety violation can lead to a fall that may cause traumatic injuries or worse. Such a tragedy occurred in another state on a recent Friday.

Burn victim may suffer permanent disability after explosion

Any employee in Ohio or elsewhere who is involved in a workplace explosion can suffer life-changing injuries. A recent workplace accident in another state underscores the potential impact on a victim and his or her family. Although the victim survived, he might suffer permanent disability.

Permanent disability can jeopardize chances of gainful employment

Some victims of workplace accidents in Ohio choose to utilize the skills of experienced workers' compensation attorneys at Morgan & Justice in Columbus. There is an extensive range of injuries that employees in all industries can suffer, many of which can cause permanent disability. If you have suffered such devastating injuries, our support and guidance will likely increase your chances of receiving the maximum compensation under the circumstances.

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