Fighting For Injured Workers And The Disabled

At Morgan & Justice in Columbus, we believe in the good of the working man and woman.

Our lawyers are dedicated exclusively to helping working people, people like you, get workers’ compensation benefits and Social Security Disability benefits. This is all we do, and it is all we have done for decades. You can be confident that we know how to get you the money you need. No matter how challenging your case may seem, we will fight for you.

Winning Doesn’t Just Happen

A work injury or disability can destroy a worker’s life. Too often an employer and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation refuse to pay for an injured worker’s lost income and medical treatment. The Social Security Administration regularly denies legitimate claims.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys and Social Security Disability attorneys win cases thanks to knowledge of the law, thorough preparation, diligent development of medical evidence and effective presentation as your advocates at hearings before the Industrial Commission of Ohio and the Social Security Administration.

Free Consultation

You may discuss your claim with a lawyer for free. We do not get paid unless you do. Call us at 800-948-6200 or 614-258-1133, or send us an email today.