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Treatment options for repetitive stress injuries

Injured workers who have suffered a repetitive stress injury can find their world significantly changed as they are unable to perform simple tasks they once had no problem performing. Injured workers may not be able to cook, garden, pick up a child or carry groceries into the house because of the pain and disability caused by the repetitive stress injury they have suffered. They may also be unable to work.

There are methods of treating a repetitive stress injury that may be able to help. For a computer-related repetitive stress injury, for instance, physical therapy; education about how to maintain good posture and body mechanics; or time away from the keyboard may help alleviate some of the symptoms the injured worker is suffering from. Unfortunately, in some instances, injured workers will never be able to return to full use following the workplace injury.

What to do when workers' compensation benefits are denied

Being denied workers' compensation benefits can have a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable workers during a difficult period of time after they have been injured in a workplace accident. It can leave injured workers feeling vulnerable and not knowing what to do.

A denial of workers' compensation benefits can be for many reasons including there is insufficient evidence of injury; the claim is filed past the deadline; or it is determined that the claim for injury cannot be reimbursed through workers' compensation. It is important for injured workers to know that the denial of a claim for benefits is not final and that they can appeal the denial if they believe they were wrongly denied benefits.

How to file a VSSR claim

When an employer overlooks a specific safety requirement and a worker is injured, there may be different protections for injured workers to consider and that they will want to be familiar with. One option is to file a claim for an employer Violation of Specific Safety Requirement (VSSR).

A VSSR claim is an additional award that can be awarded as part of the workers' compensation claim process. To make a claim for a VSSR, the injured worker should include it on the form for workers' compensation benefits within two years of suffering the workplace injury, the initial diagnosis of an occupational illness or death of the worker because of a workplace injury or illness. The form must be filed with an Industrial Commission of Ohio's regional office in Columbus or another customer service office in Ohio.

When and how can injured workers receive workers' comp?

Injured workers may have many questions about the workers' compensation process that need answers. The workers' compensation system in Ohio provides important protections to injured workers who may have suffered harm at work because of an occupational illness or workplace accident causing injuries.

Workers' compensation benefits provide peace of mind for injured workers and their family during a difficult time. Injured workers may be able to receive different types of benefits but, generally, injured workers are eligible to receive temporary total disability benefits if they are unable to return to work for 8 calendar days or greater. Temporary total disability benefits are typically the first form of workers' compensation benefits an injured worker will receive.

The different types of injuries workers may suffer on the job

A workplace accident can create many physical, financial and emotional challenges for victims and their families. Fortunately, workers' compensation benefits can help victims and their families with the fall out of an industrial workers accident.

Whatever the injury or illness may be, it is important for the injured victim to be familiar with the workers' compensation options available to them. Injuries that workers may suffer on the job in an industrial worker accident can include back injuries, joint injuries, crush injuries, brain injuries or repetitive motion injuries. In addition, workers can suffer harm from an occupational illness that may be caused by exposure to toxins in the workplace which can lead to lung cancer or other lung diseases.

Everything about repetitive stress injuries

There is a lot for sufferers of repetitive stress injuries to know and understand. The common causes of

repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are manual labor, office work and electronic devices. The impact of a repetitive stress injury can be significant for injured workers and their families and have a significant impact on their ability to do their work.

What to do at the doctor's office after a workplace injury

When most people think of workers' comp claims, they think of major events such as slips and falls. However, some injuries can develop over time. Employees for Marriott hotels recently went on strike in part due to the prevalence of repetitive stress injuries in the workplace, but these workers face exposure to other additional risks that may require addressing. 

After sustaining an injury of any kind at work, you need to see a doctor right away. For the initial visit, you can see any doctor you wish, but if pursuing a worker' comp claim, then you need to see a professional within the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation network. For this first visit, here are actions you need to make sure you take. 

Worker killed in Ohio workplace accident

Workplace accidents can take a toll on workers and their families. A recent fatal workplace accident in an Ohio community north of the Columbus area claimed the life of a 31-year old man. The man was pinned and killed at his workplace in an accidental death. He worked at an auto shop that specialized in muffler and brake repairs. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and an autopsy was pending following the accident.

First responders were at the scene of the accident and the company released a statement noting that it would begin an investigation into the cause of the accident. When victims are killed in fatal workplace accidents it is important for their families to be familiar with the options that may be able to help them through a difficult period of time. Workers' compensation benefits may be available to help surviving family members.

What do I do if my workers' compensation claim is denied?

If your claim for workers' compensation benefits is denied, it is important to know how to mobilize to ensure you are able to obtain he benefits you need. Workers who have a denied workers' compensation claim still have options to consider.

Workers' compensation benefits are a type of insurance coverage provided by employers in most circumstances. If the denial was not based on failure to meet a specific eligibility requirement, it may be possible to challenge the denial. Reasons that a claim for workers' compensation benefits may be denied can include the injury was not reported in time; the claim was not filed on time; the employer disputes the claim; the injury is not considered compensable; no medical treatment was required; or there is insufficient evidence that the injury was work related.

Employer Violation of Specific Safety Requirement basics in Ohio

Ohio law requires employers to provide a safe working environment for their employees and that they comply with all state workplace safety laws. Because of this requirement, a failure of employees to comply with state workplace safety laws may make an employer liable for an employer violation of specific safety requirement (VSSR).

The benefit of claiming a VSSR to an injured employer is that it may allow them to claim an additional 15 percent to 50 percent of the maximum weekly compensation rate in Ohio in addition to the regular workers' compensation benefits they receive for the workplace injury they suffered. There are specific requirements to claim VSSR compensation so it is important for workers to be familiar with how to make a claim for VSSR benefits in addition to their workers' compensation benefits.

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