The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation recently agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that has been waging for the past seven years. Known as the San Allen case, the lawsuit arose over changes in pricing policies that took place during the years 2001 to 2008.

Ohio employers — customers of the OBWC — claimed they had been overcharged for their workers’ comp policies and had taken legal action to seek reimbursement of those overpayments. 

The lawsuit concluded with the recent settlement of $420 million, which will be used to pay back the employers who participated in the lawsuit and cover their legal costs. Any remaining funds will go toward the claims of injured workers through the OBWC State Insurance Fund.

The Ohio workers’ compensation system provides certain medical and financial benefits to workers who are hurt on the job or develop a work-related illness. These benefits are available for most occupational illnesses or injuries, regardless of fault.

A worker who is hurt becomes ill as a result of his or her work is typically entitled to receive medical care through the workers’ compensation system. If he or she is unable to work because of the illness or injury, additional benefits may also be available to offset the resulting loss of income.

When a work injury or job-related illness occurs, there are a number of specific steps that must be taken to preserve the workers’ right to receive benefits. To help make sure these steps are taken correctly, and that all necessary documentation is complete and on time, it is a good idea to get help from a lawyer with a background in workers’ compensation law.

Source: WHIO, “Ohio settles workers’ comp suit for $420M,” July 23, 2014