An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes. When it comes to workplace injuries, the adage certainly rings true. Taking steps to identify and address workplace hazards before accidents occur can not only prevent needless injuries and illnesses from occurring, but can also help employers save money in the long run.

When a worker is hurt on the job or develops a work-related illness, some of the resulting business losses are obvious. For example, the employer’s workers’ compensation costs may increase.

In addition, if the illness or injury is severe enough to prevent the employee from working, the business will suffer setbacks in productivity. If someone else must be trained in to cover the absent employee’s work, that can create additional costs and loss of productivity.

When an occupational injury or illness results from a violation of OSHA workplace safety regulations, the business may also be required to pay a monetary fine in addition to covering the cost of any corrective measures that must be taken to ensure compliance with the relevant safety standards.

Ohio workers who are hurt on the job or develop a work-related illness can receive monetary benefits to cover their medical costs and, in many cases, to help offset their lost income. If you would like to learn more about the steps to take after developing an on-the-job illness or injury, a lawyer with experience in workers’ compensation issues can advise you of your rights and help you understand your options for moving forward.

Source: Newsday, “Small Business: Preventing workplace injuries, illnesses,” Jamie Herzlich, Aug. 3, 2014