Back in February of this year, a worker in Ohio was seriously injured after being pinned and crushed between two heavy pieces of machinery. The workers’ pelvis was fractured in multiple places. This accident happened in a steel mill that is being run by Vallourec.

As a result, OSHA was called in to do an investigation into the site. The investigation was recently wrapped up, and the reports show that the mill was cited with 22 different violations. These violations were reported to be serious breaches of safety protocol that put the workers at risk.

Among other things, OSHA did discover that workers had a chance to be crushed, showing that what happened to the worker in February was not a fluke. On top of that, they said that there were serious dangers related to places where workers could fall and be hurt and other places where there was a very real chance of an injury resulting in an amputation.

OSHA has now put forth a proposal, including penalties that may be leveled against the steel mill. The total value of those penalties is $94,000.

The area director for OSHA said that the mill’s owners had not made the safety of their workers a priority. He added that workers did not deserve to suffer from job-site injuries because their employers did not give them the protections and safety devices that they needed.

As this shows, employees definitely have a right to look into workers’ compensation for their injuries and resulting medical bills if they were hurt on the job because of something that an employer failed to do to make the environment safe.

Source: WKBN 27, “OSHA: 22 Vallourec citations; worker crushed, injured in Feb.” Sep. 10, 2014