In one of the articles we wrote on our site, we discussed some of the various ways that people can be injured on the job in an office environment. Many people often only consider serious accidents as the source of an injury; they think of industrial explosions, amputations or traumatic brain injuries.

But in our article titled “Common ways an Ohio office worker can be hurt on the job,” we focused on the numerous ways a person can develop or suffer an injury in a less risky environment. In this post, we want to encourage readers to take these injuries, while comparatively minor to others, seriously.

Some of the conditions that can regularly affect office workers include vision problems from eye strain, chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or illness stemming from exposure to harmful chemicals. People can also suffer abrasions, sprains or broken bones in falls or as a result of falling objects.

On the surface, these injuries can be minor. They may start with discomfort or dull, chronic pain, or they can flare up only in certain situations. Workers often think they can cope with the pain by popping some aspirin or trying to ignore it. But over time, these conditions can get much worse and debilitating.

In order to prevent a condition from getting worse or interfering with daily activities, it can be crucial to report the injury and seek medical treatment. Dealing with a condition sooner, rather than later, typically results in effective remedies that eradicate pain or fix something before it causes further deterioration to a person’s health.

Medical care for these injuries and lost wages can at least be partially covered by workers’ compensation in many cases. An injury doesn’t need to be the result of a catastrophic accident or negligence, it only needs to be one that is suffered during the course of a person’s employment and requires treatment. In order to better understand if an injury qualifies for workers’ compensation and how to access these benefits, injured workers have the right to consult an attorney.