One of the last things that people want to do after they have suffered a workplace injury or illness is deal with a complicated legal system. Understandably, their focus is set on coping with and seeking treatment for a painful condition. But it is important that people don’t forget their rights to pursue compensation after an on-the-job accident.

After medical treatments have been secured and a worker is on the road to recovery, there can be the harsh realization that the workplace injury has taken a serious financial toll on an employee and his or her family because of lost wages and medical bills. By the time a person is ready to file a workers’ compensation claim, they can be in financial despair. A denied claim for benefits could make the situation even worse.

Employers and insurance companies may deny a claim for workers’ compensation for any number of reasons, from incomplete medical documentation to the belief that an injury was not suffered during the course of a victim’s employment. In some cases, it may seem like a claim has been denied for no single reason.

Many people may get frustrated and assume nothing can be done. However, in Ohio, workers can appeal a decision through various levels where their applications will be reconsidered by hearing officers, the Industrial Commission and even the Court of Appeals, if necessary.

The attorneys at our firm understand that this can all seem very overwhelming to people who are already dealing with physical or mental injuries suffered on the job. We want to remind readers that this is where we can step in and help you file a workers’ compensation claim and pursue appeals in the pursuit of a favorable ruling.

People should also remember that getting help sooner, rather than later, can prove to be a source of great relief. The attorneys at Morgan & Justice know how important it is for injured workers and their families to get the financial support they need as soon as possible, and we understand how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to navigate the workers’ compensation application or appeals processes alone.

We can provide support and guidance to workers in this upsetting situation. For more information, please visit our website to learn more about our firm and how you can contact us to discuss the details of your individual situation.