If you have been injured on the job in Ohio, it is critical that you know what rights you have and how to exercise them. No matter what your employer tells you, even if he or she denies that some of your rights exist, you must be able to stand up for them and make sure that they are honored on your own. Some of your rights include, though they are not limited to, the following:

– Getting workers’ comp if your injury happened at work or if you have a disease that was caused by your job.

– Obtaining access to health care very quickly, and getting the high-caliber care that you deserve.

– Getting the bills from your medical care that have been approved paid in a timely fashion; additionally, you should not then be billed extra.

– Being given kind, professional assistance through every step in the process.

– Being allowed to access your own medical records if you so desire by checking them out in hard copy, in person or by going to the connected Internet site to view them online.

– Getting the payments from your claim, which could be needed for continuing care or to make up for lost wages, in a timely fashion.

– Being given consideration for any and all of the benefits that you qualify for. These could include services geared around rehabilitating you as you recover from your injuries.

– If required, being allowed to set up an independent examination so that you can get a second opinion about your ailments.

– Holding the right to appeals if you so choose.

Source: Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, “What’s Workers’ Comp?” Nov. 22, 2014