An illness that results from something that happened in the workplace can be just as detrimental as a serious injury, though more attention is often given to injuries. If you have come down with a work-related illness in Ohio, make sure that you know what rights you have to compensation.

On the whole, the statistics show that illness claims seem to be falling. Between 2011 and 2012, the rate dropped for both the total amount of cases and the number of cases that were reported even when employees did not have to miss any time at work.

However, despite the drop, the numbers still show that thousands of people are impacted by illnesses every year, all across the United States. 2012 saw a grand total of roughly 3 million different cases, and 5.2 percent of them were related to illness, rather than injury. While this may seem like a small percentage, running the numbers out shows that there were approximately 156,000 cases, and that was just for a single year.

As far as a rate of illness was concerned, there were about 17.5 cases that were reported for each 10,000 workers. This data looked at full-time workers, not those employed in part-time or contract work situations.

Looking at the numbers for 2011 also shows that the decline in this rate was not significant, as it fell to 17.5 reports from 18.0 reports.

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