Workers at the Ohio facility of Formed Fiber Technologies LLC, manufacturers of interior trimming for the automotive industry, are likely concerned about their safety at the workplace. The company has been classified as a severe violator by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration after a third inspection in a year found safety violations that put their workers at risk of amputation and other catastrophic injuries.

An area director of OSHA says the company’s primary concern is profit from production, jeopardizing worker safety in the process. Despite previous citations, workers continue to suffer lacerations and puncture wounds, along with other severe injuries. OSHA found that there were no systems in place to ensure machines are turned off when molds are changed, or maintenance takes place.

This type of violation leads to many severe injuries and even fatalities when equipment unexpectedly goes into operating mode while workers are exposed to working machine parts. OSHA revealed that the company had previously agreed to reduce the hazards but failed to do so. However, the company reportedly went ahead and provided false documentation about the corrections made to eliminate the hazards.

Ohio workers who have been in workplace accidents that caused amputation or other severe injuries may benefit from seeking professional assistance in pursuing claims for benefits through workers’ compensation insurance. Medical expenses and lost wages are typically covered, and if partial or permanent disability was caused, additional compensation might be awarded. Catastrophic injuries usually lead to extended periods of rehabilitation, and training may be provided for workers who cannot continue their current occupation.

Source:, “Company ignores violations, exposes workers to dangerous machinery and risk of serious injury at Ohio plant, OSHA says“, Dec. 18, 2014