If you work in construction, production or manufacturing, you typically don’t head into work and sit behind a desk. You are often moving around, lifting heavy objects, using dangerous equipment and possible being exposed to toxic chemicals.

In this environment, you may be exposed to hazardous conditions that don’t necessarily exist in other workplaces. Because of this, employees and employers should be focused on complying with safety standards to minimize the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, companies in Ohio and across the country still fall short in some areas when it comes to keeping workplaces safe. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has revealed the top 10 most frequently cited standards from 2014. These are recognized hazards that can and should be prevented. However, the 10 standards most frequently cited last year include:

  1. Systems to prevent falling accidents
  2. Communication and categorization regarding chemical hazards
  3. Scaffolding requirements
  4. Personal respiratory protection standards
  5. Requirements for industrial trucks
  6. Controlling hazardous energy
  7. Ladders and stairway regulations
  8. Proper wiring methods
  9. Providing safeguards on machinery
  10. Suitable electrical installation and maintenance

Typically, the hazards on this list are easily fixed and maintained, but failure to do this can lead to catastrophic accident.

If you have been burned, suffered broken bones or had a head injury because of any of these violations, you could be facing a lifetime of recovery and health issues. In fact, you could be unable to continue working in any capacity, especially if you work in an industrial or construction environment that comes with intense physical demands.

In this situation, it can be crucial for injured workers to explore what financial support options are available. Many people who work with an attorney ultimately pursue workers’ compensation, disability benefits and/or damages from a personal injury lawsuit which can all provide critical support after an accident.