Losing a loved one in a work-related accident can be devastating and overwhelming for the friends and family members left behind. There is nothing that can replace that person or completely heal those affected by the death, but there are ways to make the grieving process a little easier for those most closely impacted by the loss.

One form of relief that may be available is financial compensation. Money may be the last thing on a person’s mind after a close family member has died, but the unfortunate reality is that money can be very tight after the loss of someone who brought home a paycheck to support a family; any type of financial relief can be extraordinarily helpful.

In Ohio, workers who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses are typically eligible to collect workers’ compensation. However, if that worker is killed on the job or as a result of work-related injury or illness, his or her dependents may be able to collect death benefits.

In general, these benefits are available to any person who was a dependent of the worker. This may include children, spouses, siblings or parents who were supported by the worker when he or she was working. Benefit amounts will depend on the level of support a person received from the worker.

The fact that benefits may be available can provide some comfort to the people who have suffered a tragic loss, but it is important to remember that pursuing these benefits can be more difficult than people may realize. Benefits are not guaranteed. Applications must be filed by dependents in a timely manner and there are requirements that must be met in order for benefits to be awarded.

Thankfully, this is not a process that people have to go through alone. Legal support is available and an attorney familiar Ohio workers’ compensation laws can prove to be a valuable resource in navigating the legal system and pursuing financial remedies.