Industrial work environments are some of the most dangerous workplaces across Ohio. While accidents can happen in any type of workplace, accidents in an industrial workplace can be more likely and they often have the potential to cause catastrophic or fatal injuries to workers.

One such devastating accident occurred recently in Ohio, and it serves as a very grim reminder of the risk that industrial workers face on the job.

According to early reports on the accident, a man was working at his job at an equipment rental company. An initial investigation determined that he was catastrophically injured when a front-end loader, which is a powerful construction vehicle found on job sites where digging and earth moving is necessary, crushed him. Despite efforts to save and revive the man, he did not survive the accident.

Accidents involving machines like these front-end loaders often have dire consequences for victims because of how large, heavy and powerful these vehicles are designed to be. In some cases, victims lose limbs or suffer fatal injuries if they are crushed, which appears to be what happened to the 70-year-old victim in this case.

At this point, it is unknown why the accident happened or whether it could have been prevented. It is likely that agencies including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will conduct investigations into this tragic incident in order to determine if safety procedures were ignored or failed.

In similar accidents, family members can be devastated and looking for answers after losing a loved one in a work accident. Initial investigations may provide some guesses or answers, but legal action can prompt a more thorough examination of what contributed to or caused an accident. It can also result in critically needed support for the survivors who are left to cope with an overwhelming loss.

Source: WKRC, “Crews called to site of industrial accident in Sharonville,” March 4, 2015