People who work in Ohio plants, factories and industrial warehouses may be putting their health and their lives on the line every day at work due to the serious risks that are often present in these environments. The physical demands of these jobs are extreme and can put enormous strain on a worker’s body. Further, there is the potential for explosions, falling objects, and accidents involving huge machines and sharp objects.

This is why many of the injuries suffered by industrial workers end up being catastrophic. Amputations, brain injuries, paralysis, lacerations, broken bones, burns and even death can all be suffered by people working in industrial environments. These injuries will also typically require extensive medical care and ongoing rehabilitation, not to mention the expenses related to lost wages, lifestyle adjustments and even in-home care. Because of all this, it is important to understand the ways to maximize compensation in the event of a work-place injury or illness.

To begin with, workers’ compensation is generally available to any person injured through the course of their employment. It may be the easiest financial support to apply for and collect, but it will only partially cover medical expenses and lost wages.

There may also be an option to collect Social Security disability benefits if the injury or illness suffered prevents a person from working in any capacity. As crucial as these benefits can be for many people, they will not fully cover every expense. They can also take a long time to secure, and filing an application can be frustrating.

Personal injury lawsuits can provide injured workers with the most amount of compensation. They can be filed against a negligent party (with the exception of a worker’s employer) for manufacturing a defective product, failing to maintain safe premises or engaging in reckless actions that led to an accident. However, they too can be very complicated.

Determining if one or several types of compensation can be difficult, and it can be confusing to try and figure out which options a worker is actually eligible to pursue. Discussing specific cases with an attorney at our law firm can be an effective way to ensure all the bases are covered and all sources of compensation are considered. For information on how to contact us, please visit our website.