Stress can take a significant toll on any person, no matter what the source of it may be. In fact, stress has been linked to poor health, trouble sleeping and increased risks of developing even more serious illnesses and injuries.

If the source of your stress is work, it can be difficult to know what you may be able to do about it, short of quitting. However, employers can take steps to ease workplace stress so that workers can focus on their job without carrying stress over into off hours and letting it affect a person’s overall health.

According to a recent Forbes article titled, “How To Foster Good Mental Health In The Workplace,” stress, anxiety, mental illness and other related health problems are proving to be quite costly to employers. Estimates suggest that every year, as much as $105 billion is spent by employers in indirect costs stemming from these conditions.

There are many ways to reduce stress and promote healthy living on the job, thereby reducing costs. Some easy solutions to alleviate on-the-job anxiety include:

  • Allowing and encouraging adequate rest breaks
  • Offering on-site healthy living resources, like counselors and exercise
  • Providing mental health screening tools to identify potential health issues
  • Being flexible when employees need to take some time away to deal with stress or other issues regarding mental health
  • Avoiding stigmatizing or belittling those suffering from these health conditions
  • Striving to maintain a health work-life balance for employees and staying away from enforcing rigid, time-consuming demands outside of work hours

Not all employers are focused on easing the stress of their employees, despite the fact that doing so could keep workers healthier and reduce the amount of sick days and, potentially, workers’ compensation claims. Hopefully, ongoing research and reports on mental health in the workplace and the importance of reducing stress will help employers and employees make changes that can positively impact overall health.

If you do find that you are suffering from extreme work-related stress or a related condition, there is a possibility that you may have grounds to pursue workers’ compensation. These cases can be very complicated, however, so speaking with an attorney can be crucial.