The woman had been working at the steel parts manufacturing plant for just 10 days when a 25-ton power press crushed her right ring finger. According to a government report, the light curtain — an electronic safety sensing device — “failed to work properly.”

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently issued 14 serious safety violation citations to the company with penalties totaling $61,695. The industrial work accident reminded us of another report, out earlier this year, that compared amounts a person can receive in workers’ compensation benefits for the loss of limbs, fingers, eyes, ears and so on.

The report by ProPublica and National Public radio compared how much the loss of a ring finger was worth in Ohio, for instance ($17,240), compared to Alabama ($4,840), Kentucky ($24,042) and California ($6,090). As you can see, there is wide variation in compensation across the nation for the exact same injuries. By the way, Ohio ranks slightly above the national average ($14,660) in compensation for the loss of a ring finger.

The national average for the loss of an arm: $169,878. In Ohio, however, you can get up to $193,950 from workers’ comp for that horrific injury on the job. In Montana, the same injury is worth just $120,360 to the worker, while in Texas, the figure is down to $108,360 and in Florida the same limb is valued at $186,293.

The report is fascinating, but the reality for workers who suffer those kinds of terrible losses of limbs and other body parts is that no dollar figure will ever compensate them for the pain and reduced enjoyment of life they experience. In some cases, workers even have to fight to get the workers’ compensation benefits, when an insurer or employer balks at the claim.

In those situations, an experienced Columbus workers’ comp attorney can help you fight for every dollar you and your family deserve.