According to the Ohio State Patrol, an electrical worker was recently killed when a tractor-trailer ran into the lift truck that was holding the electrician aloft. The 46-year-old was secured by harness inside the lift bucket and sustained traumatic body injuries in the collision.

Investigators have not yet determined why the 2004 Freightliner hit the lift truck parked at a traffic signal in Pike Township. The electrician was working on the signal at the time of the crash.

According to a news report, speed is apparently not a factor in the accident that happened about two hours northeast of Columbus.

In similarly tragic situations, a man of that age might well have a spouse and children now grieving their loss. Not only have they lost a husband and father, but also the person who earned the family income and provided such things as health insurance.

In some similar cases, a dependent spouse and dependent children can be eligible for ongoing death benefits, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation says. The benefits last until the person is no longer a dependent.

For children, that can mean the benefits last until they are 18, or past that if they are full-time students at an accredited college or other educational institution. For a spouse, it can potentially mean benefits until retirement.

There is a variety of eligibility and documentation issues to be addressed by a Columbus attorney experienced in helping survivors apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Please see our Maximizing Your Compensation page for more information about how Morgan & Justice can help you and your family.