It’s summertime in Columbus. Ohioans head to the highways to enjoy The Buckeye State’s many cultural and culinary treats, as well as our renowned outdoor sports and adventure. It’s also the time when the Ohio Department of Transportation schedules road repairs, expansions and construction of new freeways, streets and thoroughfares.

Unfortunately, workers in those construction zones are in danger every time they go to work to improve our transportation system. Speeding or distracted drivers make workzones perilous places in which to earn a living. Far too often, accidents result in serious injuries to workers and drivers alike.

ODOT and the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation are teaming up to reduce the number of injuries in the workzones. Last year, there were 5,000 accidents in Ohio work zones, according to WFMJ.

There were more than 1,000 people injured in those crashes, with 17 killed.

A spokesperson for the Ohio Highway Patrol said that a workzone reduction in speed down to 45 mph “adds about a minute to your commute.” When you think about it, everyone can spare a minute in order to save a life or prevent an injury to a worker.

When those workers are hit by passing cars, the injuries are often life-threatening, involving broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries and other incapacitating wounds. The injured then need workers’ compensation to pay for medical expenses and replace lost wages.

If those benefits are denied, injured workers typically rely on a workers’ comp attorney to use their courtroom experience and knowledge of Ohio labor law in appeals hearings.