There is good news for workers at a new power generation facility in Ohio. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has formed a partnership with all the contractors and subcontractors involved with the project. Their aim is to provide a work environment that will protect the health and safety of workers. All parties involved are committed to preventing cases of workers suffering workplace injuries, especially those that could lead to permanent disability or death.

The $860 million project will create approximately 500 jobs for construction workers. An OSHA spokesperson said teamwork and clearly written health and safety programs are two tools being used to prevent workplace injuries throughout the project. Personal protection equipment and proper site orientations will be emphasized, and regular safety meetings will be conducted.

Construction workers are typically exposed to multiple safety hazards that are often disregarded. It is hoped that this partnership at the project in Oregon, Ohio, will encourage all parties to prioritize worker safety and to comply with safety regulations at all times. Workers who know that their employers have their welfare at heart may be more productive if they do not feel threatened by unsafe conditions on the construction site.

While the intentions of all parties in this partnership are commendable, it remains to be seen how the partnership fares. In some cases, construction company owners disregard worker safety as soon as a project falls behind schedule. This disregard can lead to workplace accidents that could cause injuries, permanent disability or even death. Until the project is completed and the statistics become available, everyone will be watching the project to see the effectiveness of the partnership.

Source:, “OSHA Partnership to Protect Workers on Oregon Clean Energy Center Project“, Oct. 23, 2015