For many workers, it isn’t easy to wake up every day and go to work. Workdays can get long; workers get tired. Imagine how much more stressful it would be to go to work when you get the sense that you are in physical danger at your place of employment. 

What if a factory worker sees that proper safety regulations are not being followed at the industrial site? What if that worker feels under-trained in safety protocols or under-protected from a safety gear perspective? There are routes to try to secure a safer workplace that employees can and should explore.

An Ohio worker who is worried about the safety of his or her workplace can file a complaint with OSHA and request a review of the workplace in question. According to OSHA, an in-person review by an inspector is more likely to happen if a concerned employee files the complaint and makes the request at a local office. 

An important point to note about the review request is that it can be made anonymously. Workers who file such complaints likely do so because they have already mentioned safety concerns to a superior without changes as a result, or they file the complaints with OSHA because they are worried that bringing up safety concerns at work will put a target on their backs. 

Laws provide employees with the right to a safe workplace; the right to file a complaint and request a work inspection is part of those laws. The law also prohibits employers from punishing workers for calling out safety issues at work. OSHA’s website provides more details about the complaint and inspection process. 

For those who feel that they have been injured because of unsafe conditions or regulations at their job, a workers’ compensation attorney is a valuable source of information regarding the available steps toward justice.