An explosion occurred at a chemical plant in Newark on a recent Monday. The blast caused injuries to five workers, but it has not yet been determined whether a safety violation caused the incident. Company owners in Ohio have to comply with the safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The agency has special regulations for the handling of hazardous chemicals, and all employees must be aware of the hazards.

Workers at the company are exposed to multiple different chemicals, and firefighters reported that this made their task more difficult. The level of danger can differ depending on the chemicals that are stored in the facility and compromised. The origin of the explosion is believed to have been an over pressurized tank that contained ethanol and hexane.

Although five workers were injured, only one was hospitalized, and his condition is unknown. Reportedly, OSHA will be launching an investigation into the explosion. Investigators will determine the reason for the vessel holding the chemicals to explode. Their focus will likely be on determining whether workers received adequate training and personal protective equipment. The storage facilities for the hazardous chemicals will also be examined.

The injured Ohio worker will be entitled to pursue workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of whether a safety violation caused his injuries. His hospital and other medical expenses will be covered by the benefits provided by the insurance program. Lost wages will also be covered by a financial package that will be based on the injured worker’s level of income.

Source:, “Five Injured In Newark Chemical Plant Explosion“, Meghan Matthews, Dec. 21, 2015