Workers at industrial plants such as those of General Motors in Ohio have to face multiple safety hazards on a daily basis. Managers and supervisors at such facilities must be in strict compliance with the safety regulations as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Any safety violation can lead to a workplace accident with devastating consequences.

A 50-year-old electrician recently lost his life at GM’s Defiance factory at which crankshafts, cylinder heads and cylinder blocks are manufactured. Authorities reported that the workplace accident occurred at about 1 p.m. on a recent Tuesday while the man was on a crane. For unknown reasons, he fell from the crane and landed in a pit that was directly below the crane.

OSHA investigators say he fell 25 to 30 feet into the pit. Emergency workers apparently spent hours retrieving the body of the deceased worker from the pit that is used to store coke. Reportedly, there was no one else around at the time of the accident, so investigators will have to piece together the details of the fatal accident — a task that will likely take months.

While federal investigators are busy with the investigation to determine whether a safety violation caused this worker’s death, the surviving family will have to face the financial consequences of the tragedy. Fortunately, they may pursue death benefits claims through the Ohio workers’ compensation insurance system. The program typically provides financial relief to assist dependents with day-to-day expenses for a period after a worker’s death, along with compensation for end-of-life costs.

Source:, “GM worker dies at Ohio plant; U.S. investigating“, John Irwin, Feb. 4, 2016