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March 2016 Archives

Safety violation may have caused deadly nitrogen leak

Whenever dangerous components such as nitrogen gas are stored at business premises, there are strict safety regulations that govern its storage to ensure no deadly leaks occur. Unfortunately, in some cases, company owners who are used to having such toxic gases around grow complacent and neglect to pay the necessary attention to the dangers posed by it. A worker's death at an Ohio steel plant may have resulted from such a safety violation.

Safety violation: Ohio company cited for worker's death in trench

Trenches are known to be some of the most dangerous areas for construction activities nationwide, including here in Ohio. According to research, the weight of a cubic yard of soil is similar to that of a small car -- or about 3,000 pounds. It is therefore not surprising that many workers who are trapped in collapsed trenches do not survive. Failure to train workers in trench safety can lead to a safety violation citation.

Tanker truck driver fortunate to escape permanent disability

Ohio workers who operate large trucks on the busy roadways are typically exposed to many hazards. Accidents involving big rigs hauling heavy loads -- often dangerous substances -- can lead to severe injuries that might cause permanent disability or death. A driver of a tanker truck was fortunate to escape death in a roll-over accident.

Safety violation: The dangers of unmaintained eyewash stations

Ohio workers in industries in which hazards exist that can cause eye injuries or infections may believe that eyewash stations can protect them from harm. Not providing eyewash stations can lead to a citation for a safety violation for employers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has emphasized that facilities improperly maintained can cause serious harm.

Safety violation: Company cited after exposing worker to aniline

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently cited a commercial incinerator facility in Ohio that disposes of commercial hazardous waste after completing an investigation into an August incident in which a worker was exposed to aniline. This follows an incident in which the company was found to have committed the same safety violation in 2012,in which three workers were hospitalized after exposure to aniline. A statement by the company says that its goal is to have zero incidents of workplace injuries.

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