Whenever dangerous components such as nitrogen gas are stored at business premises, there are strict safety regulations that govern its storage to ensure no deadly leaks occur. Unfortunately, in some cases, company owners who are used to having such toxic gases around grow complacent and neglect to pay the necessary attention to the dangers posed by it. A worker’s death at an Ohio steel plant may have resulted from such a safety violation.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation into the tragic death of the 32-year-old security worker. The man — who was also a policeman, paramedic and fire fighter — had reportedly been working security at the steel plant for the past six months. He’s lifeless body was found in the plant where he was on duty on a recent Sunday.

A preliminary report indicates that oxygen levels dropped because of the presence of nitrogen fumes that had flooded the air in the area where the man’s body was discovered. Investigators are working to determine whether the danger was only present in an isolated area or throughout the facility. OSHA revealed that the company received citations for similar safety violations in 2015.

The family of this Ohio man, whose death may be attributed to employer negligence and a safety violation, may need financial assistance to cope with the expenses of end-of-life arrangements. Regardless of whether the employer was negligent, death benefits may be pursued by filing a claim with the workers’ compensation program. The fund typically also provides a financial package to make up for lost income that can help the deceased worker’s dependents to cope with day-to-day living expenses during the difficult time immediately after their sad loss.

Source: njherald.com, “Security worker found dead inside Ohio steel plant”, March 22, 2016