Ohio workers who operate large trucks on the busy roadways are typically exposed to many hazards. Accidents involving big rigs hauling heavy loads — often dangerous substances — can lead to severe injuries that might cause permanent disability or death. A driver of a tanker truck was fortunate to escape death in a roll-over accident.

Reportedly, the crash occurred in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday. The driver of a tanker, which was loaded with toxic waste water from fracking sites, lost control of the vehicle when he failed to navigate a curve in the road. The driver was airlifted to a hospital, and the severity of his injuries is unknown.

The fire chief who responded to the scene said, considering the extensive damage to the truck, the driver is fortunate to be alive. It apparently took a hazmat team approximately nine hours to clean the area and ensure the fracking waste holds no further danger. The accident investigation is ongoing.

Injured Ohio workers are entitled to pursue financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. This is true even if there are no safety violations and the injured person’s actions causes the workplace accident. As long as the injuries occurred while the worker was on duty, regardless of whether the accident occurred on the premises of the employer or on a roadway, he or she is entitled to benefits. Compensation typically includes medical expenses and a portion of lost income, and, in a case in which permanent disability is suffered, additional financial and other benefits may be awarded that can provide long-term assistance.

Source: wtov9.com, “Driver injured in tanker accident in Belmont County“, Seam Eiler, March 9, 2016