Construction company owners in Ohio and across the country must ensure that projects are properly planned and that safety protocols are in place and followed at all times. Even one safety violation can threaten the lives of construction workers. The lives of multiple workers were on the line in a recent incident in another state when a building under construction collapsed.

Reportedly, the incident occurred at the site of a project at which an addition to a hospital is being constructed. Workers said they were preparing to reinforce the bottom floor that had shown some sagging. The sagging must have caused a bigger problem than anticipated because a portion of the building collapsed, bringing down scaffolding and infrastructure.

Of the 18 workers present when the collapse occurred, nine suffered injuries that were serious enough to require hospitalization. Over 30 firefighters worked to make sure all the victims were extricated and stabilized before transporting those who needed care to the hospital. Officials said the outcome could have been much worse given the magnitude of the accident scene.

Be that as it may, the fact that the floor was sagging may be an indication of insufficient planning and compromised engineering. Investigators will likely determine whether the employers were negligent in any way as to endanger the workers. Any employee in Ohio who is injured at work because of a safety violation or other reason has the right to pursue workers’ compensation insurance benefits to help him or her cope with medical expenses and the sudden loss of income. The amount of compensation for lost wages will be based on the worker’s average weekly wages.

Source:, “9 injured in construction site collapse near Willis Knighton”, Eric Pointer, Nicolette Schleisman, April 8, 2016