Electricity is a very powerful force. It also has the potential to be a dangerous one. So, electrical safety is crucial in the workplace.

Electrical hazards can arise in all different kinds of workplaces. This includes offices. Office environments can contain many kinds of electrical equipment and appliances. When such appliances/equipment or the cords connecting them to power sources are broken, overheat, are used in an unsafe way or have some sort of electrical mishap occur in connection to them, it can result in office workers getting shocked or fires occurring which could put workers at serious risk of getting burned.

Thus, there are certain types of electrical-appliance/equipment-related conduct it can be important for employers and employees to steer clear of in the office environment, including: 

  • Forcing plugs into outlets.
  • Having loose-fitting plugs in outlets.
  • Leaving electrical equipment/appliances that seem to be broken plugged in.
  • Continuing to use cords that show signs of damage.
  • Having ungrounded electrical equipment/appliances in the office.
  • Using wire, staples or nails to suspend or hang cords. 

Some people might be inclined to view office accidents as being fundamentally different from other workplace accidents. However, just like accidents in other work environments, work accidents at offices, like electrical accidents, can expose workers to significant harm. Also, just as with other types of workplace injuries, injuries suffered in office accidents may entitle a worker to workers’ compensation. Experienced workers’ comp attorneys can give victims of office accidents guidance on the workers’ comp issues related to their specific situation.

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