Owners of construction companies nationwide, including those in Ohio, have to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s strict safety regulations. The agency may inspect construction sites at any time to monitor a company’s compliance. Any safety violation may lead to a citation and a possible fine. Such an inspection in Nov. 2015 led to multiple citations for a company in another state.

While conducting the inspection, one of the inspectors observed a worker on a scaffolding structure that was close to a power line. Neither this employee nor several others, who were working on a roof that was about 19 feet high, were provided with fall protection. Falls are cited as one of the leading causes of severe workplace injuries and fatalities.

OSHA issued eight serious and two willful violations against this company with fines totalling $46,400. Safety hazards that company owners know about but deliberately ignored are classified as willful violations. Serious violations are classified as those that can cause severe injuries or death but might have been unknown to the employer. 

OSHA’s aim with these inspections is to lessen the number of workplace injuries and fatalities, but many construction company owners fail to prioritize workers’ safety. Even one safety violation can cause life-changing injuries or even fatalities. Injured workers in Ohio may find comfort in knowing that there is financial assistance available in the event of an on-the-job injury. The workers’ compensation insurance system allows injured workers to file benefits claims for coverage of medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: thedpost.com, “OSHA cites Fairmont company“, May 12, 2016