Ohio workers have the right to report unsafe workplace environments. The health and well-being of employees should not be compromised by company owners who prioritize profits over workers’ safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently completed a second inspection at an industrial company in Cleveland — the first of which involved an amputation injury.

OSHA reports that it launched the first investigation in January after a worker’s finger was caught in an unguarded machine. The man’s finger had to be amputated in a surgical procedure. In April, OSHA initiated another inspection after receiving a complaint alleging that work conditions were unsafe.

Federal inspectors completed the two inspections and issued 16 citations for alleged safety violations. These included one repeat violation and 15 serious violations. The report mentions that some of the citations were for the company’s failure to ensure that machines were fitted with safety guards to prevent workers from coming into contact with moving machine parts. It was also determined that workers were exposed to fall hazards, and electrical safety was also neglected.

The worker who suffered the amputation of his finger at this company may find it difficult to continue working in the same occupation. He may pursue workers’ compensation benefits through the Ohio insurance program for workers. Along with assistance to cover medical expenses, he may also be able to collect compensation for a portion of lost wages, based upon his average weekly wage. Furthermore, for workers whose injuries rendered them unable to continue doing the jobs they did before their injuries, the workers’ compensation system may provide occupational training to equip them with new skills.

Source: crainscleveland.com, “OSHA cites Soundwich Inc. with 15 alleged serious safety violations“, Rachel Abbey McCafferty, June 14, 2016