Every worker in Ohio, regardless of the industry in which he or she is employed, has a right to a safe workplace environment. Business owners who fail to protect their employees against known safety hazards may have to pay the price. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigates all incidents in which fatalities or amputations occur, and may launch inspections when other serious injuries are suffered. A safety violation typically incurs a citation and monetary penalty.

An international metal alloy manufacturer based in Ohio was recently issued a citation for a willful safety violation after the completion of an OSHA investigation. This followed an incident in which a worker’s hand was caught in a metal coiler. Three fingers of his right hand were reportedly fractured.

OSHA investigators determined that the company had not provided adequate safety guards on machines, allowing workers to be exposed to dangerous working parts. The agency maintains detailed guidelines for the protection of employees from hazardous circumstances. Equipment be fitted with safety guards and lockout/tagout devices to prevent injuries caused by unanticipated activation of machines.

The victim of this workplace accident that was caused by an apparent willful safety violation may suffer long-term consequences. Fortunately, he will be entitled to pursue claims for financial assistance with medical expenses through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Furthermore, a percentage of the wages lost due to absence from work may also be included in the benefits provided through the insurance program. The wage-replacement package will be based on the injured worker’s average wage level.

Source: workerscompensation.com, “OSHA Finds Lack of Machine Safety Guarding after Worker Suffers Fracture of 3 Fingers at Ohio Metal Alloy Manufacturer“, July 15, 2016