Workers in construction zones on Ohio roads are exposed to multiple hazards on a daily basis. Construction company owners have a massive responsibility in providing adequate training to teach workers about the risks and the precautions to prevent injuries. The slightest safety violation can have devastating consequences.

One such tragedy claimed the life of a 36-year-old Avon man who was a father of three children. According to a police report, the incident happened on a recent Monday on a site where road construction workers were widening and resurfacing an Avon roadway. Reportedly, this worker was busy directing a 56-year-old co-worker who was operating a truck.

For reasons yet to be determined, the truck driver struck the man on the ground, causing the victim fatal injuries. Both men were employees of a local trucking company. The deceased worker had been in the company’s employ for almost one year before he was killed. An investigation is ongoing.

Whenever a life is lost in a workplace accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigates the incident to determine whether a safety violation caused the person’s death. The surviving family will likely find some comfort in knowing that financial assistance is available during this difficult time. Claims for death benefits may be filed with the Ohio workers’ compensation insurance program for help with end-of-life expenses and lost wages for a specified period. The wage-replacement package that is provided is normally based on the deceased worker’s weekly wage and is meant to assist the surviving dependents with daily living expenses.

Source:, “Victim identified in fatal Avon construction accident“, Jodi Weinberger, Aug. 16, 2016