Roof workers in Ohio face multiple life-threatening hazards on a daily basis. The heights at which they carry out their work create the most severe dangers. For this reason, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have strict regulations that must be observed by owners of roofing companies. Even a seemingly insignificant safety violation can lead to life-changing injuries.

A basic oversight recently led to severe injuries suffered by two roof workers. An OSHA spokesperson from the agency’s Cincinnati office reported that the incident occurred on a job site in Butler County at which a crew was working on a church roof in Darrtown. Two workers who were removing soffit from the section of roof that overhangs the building were on an extending ladder that can reach heights of 40 feet.

The ladder — which was extended to a length of 30 feet at the time — unexpectedly touched live overhead electrical cables. Both workers received severe electrical jolts. Emergency responders stabilized the men before one was airlifted to University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the other one was taken to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital. No information about their conditions was available.

While OSHA will be investigating the incident to determine whether a safety violation caused it, the company’s overall compliance with safety regulations will also be assessed. In the meantime, the injured workers will have to face the high costs of hospitalization and medical treatment along with possible wage losses due to absence from work. Fortunately, the Ohio workers’ compensation program allows workers to claim benefits that will cover these losses.

Source:, “2 injured when equipment hits power lines at Butler County church“, Ed Richter, Aug. 30, 2016