A supplier of aluminum die-castings in Ohio has been accused of failing to maintain safe workplace environments at its plants in Conneaut, Wapakoneta and Ravenna. All three of these facilities have received safety violation citations over the past few years, and federal safety investigators recently conducted the fifth investigation at one of this company’s facilities since 2013. A worker’s hand was crushed in the latest incident.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors reported that the incident occurred on March 23 when one of a 53-year-old worker’s hands was crushed between the bottom plate and center core of a mold-tilting machine. Reportedly, the employee is still incapable of returning to work because the injury left him with limited use of his left hand. Investigators determined that the required lockout procedures on the machine were bypassed at the time of the debilitating injury.

According to the agency, it is not uncommon for employers to allow workers to bypass these important safety features that are meant to prevent severe injuries. Reportedly, four separate incidents of safety violations caused amputations to employees of this company in 2013 and 2015. All these injuries resulted from violations involving machine safety.

This Ohio worker may never be able to return to this field of work after a safety violation caused a seemingly permanent disability. Fortunately, victims of such injuries may pursue financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Along with compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages, the insurance program may offer additional compensation for those with temporary or permanent disabilities. Vocational training to equip the injured worker with new skills may also be included in the benefits.

Source: workerscompensation.com, “OSHA’s Investigation of Life-Altering Injury at General Aluminum Mfg Finds Ohio Foundry Continues to Expose Workers to Machine Hazards“, Sept. 8, 2016