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October 2016 Archives

Repeated amputation injuries lead to enforcement action by OSHA

Although employers in Ohio must protect the health and safety of their employees, safety regulations are sometimes willfully disregarded to speed up production. Penalties were recently proposed against a business owner who allegedly ordered workers to bypass safety devices and threatened them with disciplinary action if production quotas were not met. The investigation into an amputation injury incident by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration also resulted in the automobile parts manufacturer being added to the agency's list of severe violators.

Safety violation: Workers unprotected on 60-foot high structure

The leading cause of death in the construction industry is falling, which is said to account for almost 40 percent of fatalities in workplace accidents. While construction company owners are aware of this fact, it is incomprehensible that the failure to provide fall protection is a safety violation committed by so many of them. In July, employees of a contracting construction company were found to be working unprotected, 60-feet high on a steel structure in Ohio.

Ohio Dollar General cited by OSHA for recurring safety violation

After several of the outlets of Dollar General in other states were inspected and cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the agency recently carried out an inspection at the discount retailer's store in Bolivar, Ohio. The agency reported that, as in the other stores that had already been cited, the primary safety violation was allowing exits to be blocked. Reportedly, this was a recurring violation at this chain store.

Safety violation: Son witnesses father's 50-foot fall to death

Tree trimmers in Ohio and other states are typically exposed to multiple life-threatening situations while doing their jobs. Owners of tree-trimming businesses are responsible for the safety of their employees. One safety violation that is unacceptable is the failure to provide fall protection to workers who work at heights -- often on platforms or in buckets of cherry pickers or other elevation equipment. A workplace accident in a neighboring state recently claimed the life of a tree trimmer.

Unsafe workplace can lead to stress about permanent impairment

Interesting information was revealed by research that was done by the Ohio State University. It relates to the effect that job satisfaction can have on health. Although employers are not responsible for job satisfaction, they are responsible for workplace safety. Employees who are exposed to hazardous work environments in which their safety is disregarded may experience the consequences of always worrying about potential permanent impairment or worse.

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