Interesting information was revealed by research that was done by the Ohio State University. It relates to the effect that job satisfaction can have on health. Although employers are not responsible for job satisfaction, they are responsible for workplace safety. Employees who are exposed to hazardous work environments in which their safety is disregarded may experience the consequences of always worrying about potential permanent impairment or worse.

The research indicates that job satisfaction not only impacts on the physical health of workers but also on their mental health. Researchers studied the data provided by over 6,000 Americans and determined that limited job satisfaction in the initial years of employment can be detrimental to the employee’s life by the time he or she reaches the age of 40. However, some types of employment stress can cause cardiovascular problems that may only become evident later in life.

Respondents to questionnaires said the lack of job satisfaction caused sleeping problems and depression. One of the researchers said they used five criteria to measure mental health, and those with limited job satisfaction scored low on all those measures. Their levels of worry, sleep problems and depression were so high that emotional problems were diagnosed in some victims.

Any Ohio worker whose ongoing concern about the possibility of suffering workplace injuries that can cause permanent impairment has caused mental or physical health problems may pursue recovery of related medical expenses. Benefits claims may be filed with the workers compensation insurance system. However, proving that a mental or physical condition is work related may be tough, and the skills of an experienced Ohio workers’ compensation attorney may be necessary.

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