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January 2017 Archives

Ohio foundry cited for failure to address amputation hazards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently expressed its concern about an Ohio foundry at which workers remained exposed to various safety hazards despite previous citations. Inspectors of the federal agency determined that amputation hazards exist due to a lack of safeguarding along with the other risks. A follow-up inspection earlier this month exposed some serious and some repeat violations of which the proposed penalties may exceed $235,000.

OSHA to determine whether safety violation caused explosion

A significant percentage of workplace accidents investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Ohio and other states are preventable. Companies fail to protect the health and safety of workers in various manners. Some cut corners to boost their profits, and others may provide workers with personal protective gear but fail to teach them how to properly use the equipment. Many serious injuries and even deaths result from some type of safety violation.

Safety violation: Explosion injures 6 at generating company

Workers in Ohio whose companies have little or no regard for the safety of their employees are at a significant disadvantage. Knowing that employee health and safety are not priorities of their employers will leave workers having to look out for themselves while facing multiple safety hazards every day. Unsafe workplace environments and safety violations can result in workplace accidents. Such was the case involving an incident at a generating station upriver from Cincinnati that might have been caused by a safety violation.

Permanent disability can be caused by lack of fall protection

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the most frequent causes of fatal injuries in the construction industry are falls to lower levels. Despite the fact that the federal safety agency has repeatedly stated that most of these deaths were preventable, many employers nationwide, including in Ohio, continue to expose workers to fall hazards that can have devastating consequences. Those who are fortunate enough to survive fall accidents may suffer permanent disability.

Safety violation: 5 workers exposed to carbon monoxide

Company owners in Ohio and elsewhere have a significant role to play in protecting employees from work-related injuries and illnesses. Whenever workers are in areas in which known hazards exist, employers must provide them with the necessary protective gear and remove the hazards if possible. Any safety violation can affect multiple employees and lead to serious injuries or illnesses.

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