The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently expressed its concern about an Ohio foundry at which workers remained exposed to various safety hazards despite previous citations. Inspectors of the federal agency determined that amputation hazards exist due to a lack of safeguarding along with the other risks. A follow-up inspection earlier this month exposed some serious and some repeat violations of which the proposed penalties may exceed $235,000.

The hazards identified by investigators include the lack of proper lockout/tag out procedures as well as safeguards to prevent accidental contact with working machine parts. Furthermore, the company continued to expose workers to live electrical wires. Elevated levels lacked guardrails to prevent fall accidents, and uncovered floor openings posed additional fall risks.

An OSHA spokesperson said the company clearly demonstrates its disregard for employee safety by its failure to comply with prescribed safety regulations. The safety agency found that safety violations for which the company was cited in 2013 and again in 2014 remained unaddressed. Workers at this manufacturing company put their lives on the line every day.

Whenever an employee at an Ohio manufacturing plant suffers an injury that leads to amputation, he or she will have to face many obstacles, including unanticipated expenses and also the need to adjust to life without a limb or other body part. Such an individual can file benefits claims with the workers’ compensation insurance system for coverage of medical expenses and lost income. Furthermore, vocational training may be provided to equip the employee with new skills that will accommodate his or her disability.

Source:, “OSHA cites Ohio foundry for failing to address safety issues“, Jan. 25, 2017