A significant percentage of workplace accidents investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Ohio and other states are preventable. Companies fail to protect the health and safety of workers in various manners. Some cut corners to boost their profits, and others may provide workers with personal protective gear but fail to teach them how to properly use the equipment. Many serious injuries and even deaths result from some type of safety violation.

An explosion reportedly occurred at a trucking company in another state. The only information made available indicates the two employees suffered injuries while cleaning a large tank used for hauling fuel. One worker reportedly fell into the fuel tanker — a height of about 3 or 4 feet. However, it is not clear whether he fell into the tank before or after the explosion occurred, nor is it known whether the employees wore personal protection.

The co-worker also suffered injuries, and both were transported to a medical facility for treatment of unknown injuries. Initially, the company would not confirm the explosion. However, residents nearby who heard a loud bang that sounded like an explosion made various reports, and the company later announced that an explosion had occurred.

The OSHA investigators will likely be able to establish the cause of the explosion and identify any safety violation/s that might have played a role. When employees in Ohio suffer on-the-job injuries, the workers’ compensation insurance system allows them to pursue claims for financial relief. They could file benefits claims for coverage of medical expenses and lost income if they suffered temporary disabilities that prevented them from working.

Source: altoonamirror.com, “Two hurt in trucking company accident“, Sean Sauro, Jan. 19, 2017