Company owners in Ohio and elsewhere have a significant role to play in protecting employees from work-related injuries and illnesses. Whenever workers are in areas in which known hazards exist, employers must provide them with the necessary protective gear and remove the hazards if possible. Any safety violation can affect multiple employees and lead to serious injuries or illnesses.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration initiated an investigation into an incident that occurred at a construction company in another state. Reportedly, the fire department responded to a work site in the late afternoon of a recent Friday where a building was under construction. They entered the building and found five employees who had suffered exposure to excessive levels of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide prevents the blood of a victim from holding oxygen. Emergency workers rushed three of the affected workers to a hospital. Authorities issued no report about the severity of the damage that the carbon monoxide caused. Officers indicated that only those individuals who entered the building were in danger of exposure. However, it was not known whether the workers wore respiratory protection at the time.

In Ohio, any employee who suffers the consequences of a safety violation in the workplace may seek financial assistance. The injured victim can file benefits claims with the worker’s compensation insurance system of the state. The benefits will cover the expenses related to doctors’ bills and hospital costs. In addition, a percentage of any lost income caused by work absence due to the injury or illness will be provided for the period of temporary disability.

Source:, “3 construction workers hospitalized after carbon monoxide overexposure in Berkeley“, Jenna Lyons, Dec. 30, 2016