Workers in Ohio whose companies have little or no regard for the safety of their employees are at a significant disadvantage. Knowing that employee health and safety are not priorities of their employers will leave workers having to look out for themselves while facing multiple safety hazards every day. Unsafe workplace environments and safety violations can result in workplace accidents. Such was the case involving an incident at a generating station upriver from Cincinnati that might have been caused by a safety violation.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says an investigating crew went to the site of the generating station to look into an explosion that occurred on a recent Tuesday. Six of the over 300 employees at the facility suffered injuries, but all six were expected to survive. This comes while the company is contesting penalties for safety violations in March last year.

Further reports reveal several violations since 2009 and fines totaling thousands of dollars. The citations covered violations including faulty alarm systems, chemicals that were incorrectly labeled, inadequate respiratory protection, confined space violations and more. The outcome of the investigation into the explosion will only be available in months to come.

Regardless of which safety violation led to the accidents that caused the six workers’ injuries, they may pursue help to cope with unanticipated expenses. They can file workers’ compensation benefits claims with the Ohio workers’ compensation insurance system. The program typically provides coverage of medical expenses along with transport costs to and from the hospital and physicians’ offices. In addition, lost wages due to absences from work will also receive coverage by a wage-replacement package that will be based on the injured worker’s average gross income.

Source:, “Six injured in Ohio power station explosion“, Jan. 11, 2017