Some victims of workplace accidents in Ohio choose to utilize the skills of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Morgan & Justice in Columbus. There is an extensive range of injuries that employees in all industries can suffer, many of which can cause permanent disability. If you have suffered such devastating injuries, our support and guidance will likely increase your chances of receiving the maximum compensation under the circumstances.

Workplace accidents can cause herniated discs and injuries to the lower backs and spines of employees. Knees, shoulders, hips and elbows can be damaged, and permanent disability can result from hands, arms or other body parts caught in the working parts of machines. Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can have long-term consequences, and falls can cause concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

Workers may suffer the effects of exposure to harmful chemicals that could lead to occupational illnesses. Some are diagnosed with lung diseases such as cancer, silicosis and more. The fact that the onset dates of occupational diseases are typically not available, and developing injury occurs over a period of time complicates any benefits claims. In some cases, previously suffered injuries are aggravated — such as prior a back injury that is exacerbated. 

Any of the above occupational injuries or illnesses can lead to permanent disability, which in turn can jeopardize your chances of gainful employment in the future. The experience of our attorneys at Morgan & Justice totals more than 50 years, and we can deal with the most complicated of workers’ compensation benefits claims in Ohio. Furthermore, to help us understand the nature of your injury, we often arrange consultations with experts in the different medical fields before deciding upon a suitable strategy for obtaining maximum benefits on your behalf.