Any employee in Ohio or elsewhere who is involved in a workplace explosion can suffer life-changing injuries. A recent workplace accident in another state underscores the potential impact on a victim and his or her family. Although the victim survived, he might suffer permanent disability.

Reportedly, the police and fire departments responded after receiving an emergency call about an on-the-job accident at a thrift store. Upon arrival, they found a badly burned employee. Police believe a forklift exploded inside the storage container where the 20-year-old worker was driving it. They rushed him to a burn center by air.

His wife made a comment the following morning that is an indication of the trauma burn victims and their families suffer in such circumstances. She said he survived the multiple surgeries performed overnight in which dead skin was removed to prepare for skin grafts. She also said her husband would spend 14 days in ICU and that he is expected to remain in the hospital for another 40 days. A co-worker who helped douse the flames suffered burns on his hands for which he received medical treatment.

It is as yet unclear whether the seriously burned worker will have a full recovery or be left with a permanent disability. Nevertheless, the medical and financial impact such an accident can have on a family is indescribable. Any Ohio worker who suffers traumatic injuries may seek the support and guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to pursue maximum benefits through the state-regulated insurance system on his or her behalf.

Source:, “Man treated for burns after forklift explosion at Miracle Hill“, March 29, 2017