Large construction equipment, such as cranes, poses multiple hazards to all employees and others in the surrounding area in Ohio and wherever they are operated. Even with the most accomplished operator, the slightest safety violation can have devastating consequences. When a crane recently toppled over in another state, it was surprising that there were no fatalities. In fact, only one worker landed in the hospital, and another required no more than on-site medical treatment.

Reportedly, during the removal of a large street sign that was positioned over an intersection, the crane that was necessary to accomplish the task fell over. The busy intersection soon had two more cranes in it to get rid of the massive sign and the toppled crane. The removal of the sign formed part of a construction project that will bring an additional bus lane while also widening the roadway.

This was one of several similar signs that had been in place for 25 years, two of which were successfully removed before this incident. The severity of the injuries suffered by the hospitalized worker is not known. The cause of the crane falling over is yet to be determined.

When a worker in Ohio suffers a workplace injury, the victim is entitled to pursue financial assistance. He or she may file a benefits claim with the workers’ compensation insurance program. This is a no-fault system that compensates injured employees for medical expenses and lost income even if they were partly responsible for the circumstances that caused the accident. In other words, there need not be a safety violation for a victim to be eligible for benefits.

Source:, “Crane topples during construction at busy Galleria-area intersection“, April 23, 2017