Unprotected trenches are potential graves for workers of employers who disregard employee safety. Unfortunately, this is a safety violation that has claimed the lives of many workers nationwide, including in Ohio. In a miraculous rescue, a worker was recently saved from a collapsed trench in a neighboring state.

Rescue workers were summoned to a construction site midmorning on a recent Monday. They arrived to find a construction worker buried up to his shoulders in a trench that was 8 feet deep. It was clear that the wall of the trench had collapsed. Reportedly, there were no safety precautions in place — there was no trench box to protect the worker, nor were the walls shored to prevent collapse.

Rescue workers arrived to find two of the victim’s co-workers busy with shovels, trying to clear enough soil to free him. Firefighters eventually managed to free the man and lift him out of the trench. They said he remained conscious throughout the rescue and managed to stand before he was taken to a hospital on a stretcher. Although it appeared as if he had no serious injuries, his arm might have been fractured.

This man was fortunate not to lose his life, but most other victims of this type of safety violation are not so lucky. This often leaves families having to face the high costs of medical treatment and/or end-of-life expenses. Fortunately, in Ohio and other states, help is available through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Assistance with the filing of benefits claims is available from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can pursue financial relief for the injured victims or surviving dependents.

Source: newhopefreepress.com, “Dramatic Rescue of Trapped Construction Worker at Ferry Market in New Hope Monday“, Charlie Sahner, May 8, 2017