Industrial facilities in Ohio pose many safety hazards — some of which are less obvious than others. The truth is that these often unrecognized dangers can lead to workplace accidents that could cause permanent disability. At this time of the year, dehydration is likely the most significant of these overlooked risks. Workers who are exposed to high temperatures in factories or warehouses can dehydrate, which can cause heat stroke or cardiac problems. Frequent water breaks and a supply of fresh, cool water is essential.

Stress management is another often-ignored safety hazard. Although most jobs involve some level of stress, when stress levels start affecting an employee’s mental and physical health, it can be hazardous. Contributors include extended working hours, inadequate breaks, unrealistic deadlines and targets, bullying, conflict and job insecurity.

Many workplace injuries result from excessive or improper manual handling such as carrying, lifting and loading of heavy items along with holding, pulling and pushing repetitively. Standing, sitting, bending or leaning in a static posture for extended periods, and working in cramped spaces can cause repetitive stress disorders. This is where ergonomics can help by adapting the workplaces to the workers.

One threat in the workplace that is often disregarded is distractions. Along with being distracted by happenings around them, workers in facilities where cell phone use is not controlled can put themselves at risk. Texting or any other use of a mobile or music device with headphones while working can lead to a permanent disability injury — especially in a manufacturing facility. In the tragic event of such an injury, an experienced Ohio workers’ compensation attorney may help with a benefits claim that might include occupational therapy to accommodate a newly suffered disability.

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