For any worker, the knowledge that a workplace injury that caused a catastrophic injury could have been prevented if only the employer had complied with safety regulations must be devastating. Such must be the feelings of an Ohio worker who suffered and amputation injury at his place of work last December. The employee of the auto insulation manufacturer will have to go through life without a right hand after his hand, wrist and part of his forearm were amputated.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced the conclusion of the investigation was that the employer failed to install the necessary protective guards on the shredding machine that caused the tragic injury. Reportedly, the 46-year-old worker was guiding material into the industrial shredder when his hand was caught in the rotating parts, pulling his arm into the machine. OSHA says another facility of this company was cited for similar safety violations in Feb. 2016.

Investigators determined that the machine lacked safety guards to prevent contact with the dangerous operating parts of the machine. Furthermore, it was found that employees were not trained in the correct procedures to follow to lock out energy, nor were the machines equipped with lock-out/tag-out devices to prevent such incidents. Three citations were issued for safety violations that caused this preventable injury.

Amputation injuries typically change the lives of victims in almost every way. Not only does it jeopardize their earning capabilities, but it might also affect their private lives and their daily routines. Compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages can be claimed in the form of workers’ compensation benefits, and an experienced Ohio workers’ comp attorney can help to ensure the benefits include vocational rehabilitation.

Source:, “Ohio Insulation Manufacturer Cited After Worker’s Injury“, June 15, 2017