Construction companies in Ohio and all other states must take specific precautions to protect workers who have to enter trenches or other excavations. The slightest safety violation could result in a fatality, and a trench can become a grave in the blink of an eye. When a trench wall collapses, anybody who is in the excavation at that time can instantly be buried under tons of dirt.

A 37-year-old man was fortunate to survive a recent trench collapse in a neighboring state. Reportedly, the incident occurred at a construction site on a recent Tuesday evening. The construction worker was in the trench — apparently working on covering the hole — when the walls collapsed. He was quickly covered by clay and dirt.

A team of emergency workers rushed to the scene and proceeded with the rescue attempt. They reported that the soil that covered the victim was incredibly dense and had compacted against his body. During the rescue proceedings that continued for approximately two hours, oxygen was lowered to the victim. Although he appeared disoriented while rescuers were digging him out, he apparently remained conscious and able to communicate.

The excessive pressure of soil on a trench-collapse victim can have serious health consequences. Regardless of whether a safety violation is involved in a workplace accident, an injured victim will be entitled to pursue financial assistance through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Many injured employees in Ohio prefer to ask an experienced workers’ comp attorney to handle the claims process for them, thus allowing them to focus on getting better and returning to work.

Source:, “Construction worker rescued from Warren trench collapse“, June 6, 2017