While electricians in Ohio are typically familiar with the dangers posed by electricity, others may encounter those hazards unintentionally. Outdoor workers who are uninformed or lack safety training may accidentally come in contact with powerful sources of electricity. If not handled with care, electrical equipment can cause shocks that can result in permanent disability.

When cleaning up after storms, workers must be aware that all power lines must be regarded as live. Only qualified workers must raise fallen power lines and remove cables that became entangled with branches of trees. Before doing any work within an area of 10 feet from power lines, the local utility company must be notified. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that area to be expanded to 20 feet when activities involve cranes.

Whenever outdoor jobs are planned, both overhead and underground power cables must form part of the safety planning. Tall equipment must not be used underneath overhead cables unless arrangements are made with the utility company to de-energize the cables for a specific period. Before excavations or any digging is done, the utility company must be asked to flag the position of underground utilities to prevent digging into them. Even walking with a ladder can cause a fatal electric shock if it is carried vertically and allowed to touch a power line.

Any Ohio worker who has suffered on-the-job injuries that caused permanent disability will be entitled to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. With the help of an experienced workers’ comp lawyer, the correct procedures can be followed to ensure all the necessary information is provided to substantiate the claim. A lawyer can work on getting all the permanent disability benefits allowed under state laws.

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